• Image of Monsters - Physical Copy

1. The Truth (4:07)
2. The Vast Machine (3:43)
3. (March of the) Boneless (7:19)
4. The Blessed One (6:19)
5. Man Without a Name (5:07)
6. Song X (9:15)
7. 911 Pianoid (5:50)
8. The new Prophet (20:42)

Written between 2006-2008 and recorded in 2008 in the famous Belgian ACE Studio (Ghiribizi, Mindgames) with equally famous keyboard player-producer Frank van Bogaert (Ohm, Fish on Friday) and the original line-up, this first full CD was released early 2009 on the own WAMP-label . The full CD immediately got a lot of attention and positive feedback in the worldwide specialized press, some songs appeared on samplers and lead to some interesting live gigs. The typical Neo-sound became more distinct and while still having some Classic Rock roots the sound got typically labelled as Symfo or Neo-Prog. The growing length of some songs and a true 25 min. epic were just another demonstration of the prog-rock approach.